Children's Entertainment

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Musical Instrument Making Workshops

From every day recyclable materials create home made musical instruments such as shakers, drums, guitars, rhythm sticks etc.  Our team introduces the workshop, present ideas and show examples of how to make different instruments.  We work hands on with all of the participants helping them to create their masterpiece.  All materials are supplied.  A fun group playing session is included at the end of the workshop.


Song Writing Workshops

Brainstorming words and creating sentences to build a 'Chorus' (main part of a song).  Rhythms, rhymes and patterns are explored to create melody lines.  'Verses' are formed bringing further meaning to the song.  A finished copy of the music is produced at the end of the workshop.


Band and Ensemble Groups

Our team works with musicians to create a band or music ensemble.  A range of different music pieces are rehearsed and performed.  Depending on the ages, abilities and prior experiences of those involved, original compositions can also be created.  


Cooking Workshops

Everyone loves an opportunity to get creative and cook!  Children are involved in preparing and cooking tasty, healthy home made dishes such as pasta, pizza, and wraps.  All ingredients and utensils are supplied.  A ‘procedural writing' song describing the cooking experience using pots, pans, wooden spoons and utensils completes the workshop.


A Full Day Workshop Experience

Our team is available to work for half day or whole day sessions and can offer a combination of different concerts and workshops to suit your needs.